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You Would Like ...

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Promote, Monkeys, Promote!

"you would like ..."

Here's the deal:
1. Check this community's memories before posting.
2. Post something, for example, "Monty Python". Please keep posts to a minimum, i.e. one main request plus a handful of related items to give other member's and idea of your tastes if you want. More here on that.
3. People comment with books/music/films Monty Python fans may like, for example, "Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy" or "Catch 22" ... or "fluffy bunnies!". Whatever. As long as it's slightly related.
4. Play nice, kiddies. Please don't troll/disparage other people's tastes. That's not what this community is for. You will be banned if you act like an idiot. That is all.
5. Promote! This will work far better as more people join up.

Past examples:
-Cinema: "Mean Girls" --- "Ghost World"
-Music: "Belle and Sebastian" --- "Modest Mouse"
-Music: "Björk" --- "Radiohead"
-Gaming: "The Sims" --- "Rollercoaster Tycoon"
-Internet: "Livejournal" --- "MySpace"
-Food: "Cocoa Pops" --- "Rice Bubbles"
-Travel: "Swiss Alps" --- "New Zealand"

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